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. Stand Up Comedy - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
world Where a lovesick eye can steal the view I’m gonna fall down if I can’t stand up For your love Love love love love love… Stand up, this is comedy The DNA lottery may have left you smart But can you stand up to beauty, dictator of the heart I can stand up for hope, faith, love But while I’m getting over certainty Stop helping God across the road like a little old lady Out from under your beds C’mon ye people Stand up for your love Love love love love love… I gotta... [15.50% - 16.7kb]

. Zooropa - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
Zooropa... be all that you can be Be a winner Eat to get slimmer Zooropa... a bluer kind of white Zooropa... it could be yours tonight We're mild and green And squeaky clean Zooropa... better by design Zooropa... fly the friendly skies Through appliance of science We've got that ring of confidence... And I have no compass And I have no map And I have no reasons No reasons to get back And I have no religion And I don't know what's what And I don't know the limit The... [15.50% - 17.4kb]

. U2 Talk&Unplugged - eine Nachlese und der gesamte Talk exklusiv
out, it's the only one we can play. That's the only reason.[Mittermeier]: Thank you for being honest. So these five Songs of Innocence are the ones you actually can play. [Bono]: It helps if you know how to read and write. It’s the lyric. The idea of looking for "...a decent melody / A song that I can sing in my own company". That was our modus for this whole album, so this seems perfectly in tune. Looking for songs that you can hold on to and that hold on to you, that’s kind of the... [15.13% - 37.8kb]

. U2 Berlin Bustouren / U2 Berlin bustours (also in English)
parts of the Hansa Studios can be visited. Tours can be more expensive for smaller groups/ individuals. We can confirm usually the evening before the tour date. Price to be paid directly at the bus before the tour starts in cash (no cards accepted)! We wish you lots of fun & excitement with our U2 BERLIN TOURS! Our new e+i Tour Lanyard (keychain) is now available. The black lanyard is about 90 cm and the 13 cities of the European Leg are printed in lighblue typewriter letters. It also... [15.13% - 28.7kb]

. Verlosung / Competition: VIP-Geschenk - LETZTER TAG!
and PARTY Packages sold and cannot be bought at the merchandise booths. It is strictly limited and individually numbered. The 28x23cm sized book has a light blue hardcover and contains: eXPERIENCE+iNNOCENCE commemorative ticket with embossed printing A 20-pages iNNOCENCE book with with the band's history from 1976-1989 A 28-pages eXPERIENCE book with the band's history from 1990-2018 A numbered certificate of authenticity How to win the VIP gift? In order to participate... [15.13% - 33.0kb]

. U2 Buch: From The Ground Up - Ralph Larmann, Dylan Jones
- U2 – Die 360° Tour" Can you really bestow 256 pages just on a concert tour? This is the question that comes to mind before reading “From the Ground up.” But then you realize very quickly that Dylan Jones and Ralph Larmann do a very good job and succeed. And well, we’re talking about the 360° tour after all... GQ editor Dylan Jones and famous German concert photographer Ralph Larmann have created a book, which has to be considered as more than merely a photo book. Not only do... [15.13% - 26.0kb]

. DVD U2 - Zoo TV Live From Sydney
list etc.) about the DVD can be found in our DVD-Special . Packaging | Content | Concert | Picture | Sound | Extras | Technical Infos | Screenshots Packaging The DVD is released in two versions – single and double DVD. The single DVD contains the concert only, without any of the special or bonus features contained on the second disk. For this review we cannot say anything about the packaging (whether jewel case or digi pack), as only a... [15.13% - 63.3kb]

. Elvis Presley And...Bono
for $49.99; individual DVDs can be purchased for $19.99. "Volume 1: Center Stage" includes Elvis' television debut on March 24, 1956 on the "Stage Show" and runs all the way through a performance of "Unchained Melody" from a 1977 TV special. Also featured is his first performance from "The Ed Sullivan Show," appearances on "The Steve Allen Show" and "The Milton Berle Show," Elvis' first (and long-lost) screen test for Paramount Pictures, and clips from the films "Love Me Tender," "Loving... [15.13% - 26.5kb]

. Bono und O'Neill - Reise beendet
to Africa to hear from Africans about Africans' needs. He knows like you know that Africa's problems cannot be solved by charity ­ or by prescriptions written in Washington. Countries like Uganda and Ethiopia, which have (been) coming out of conflict and are now tackling corruption ­ these countries deserve a new kind of relationship. Partnership. The problems are complex, nobody denies that, we've seen it with our own eyes. But there are a few big decisions that we simply can't wait on any... [15.13% - 33.8kb]

. DVD U2 Vertigo 2005 - Live From Chicago
be used to from the American crowd. The concert seems unedited: Bono's (long) speeches are included, as are most of the snippets ('Wake up', 'Bullet with butterfly wings', 'No regrets', and 'When Johnny comes marching home')! Only downer: There's no 'Blackbird' at the end of 'Beautiful day' and 'I can see for miles' during 'The Electric Co.'. Both weren't snippeted on the 10th, which is probably the reason they're missing on the DVD. No doubt that U2's own songs are on this one... [15.13% - 162.5kb]

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