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. Acrobat - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
and act like that. And you can dream, so dream out loud And don't let the bastards grind you down. What are we going to do now it's all been said? No new ideas in the house, and every book's been read. And I must be an acrobat To talk like this and act like that. And you can dream, so dream out loud And you can find your own way out. And you can build, and I can will And you can call, I can't wait until You can stash and you can seize In dreams begin responsibilities And I... [39.48% - 17.5kb]

. U2 - Songs Of Innocence - Review
the war is. Where no one can feel no one else's pain . 10 This Is Where You can Reach Me Now - Sabine U2 have always been a political band, both in music and real life. This is where you can reach me now approaches this topic, and is dedicated to Joe Strummer, singer of The Clash, who died in 2002, and always has been a role model and idol for Bono. In the booklet Bono describes the significance of The Clash for U2’s own identity as a band and how the whole band was... [36.53% - 58.1kb]

. A Celebration - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
understand And, and you can go there too And, and you can go go go go I believe in the walls of Jericho (And you) I believe they're coming down (can go there too) I belive in this city's children (And you) I believe the trumpet's sound (can go go go go) And you can go there too And you can go go go go I believe in what I'm doing What am I doing here Alle Songs mit diesem Icon können mit dem RealPlayer (Infos+Download) angespielt werden. Die Hörproben werden... [33.95% - 16.9kb]

. Bono wirbt um Unterstützung beim Kampf gegen AIDS
Africa needs further debt cancellation and more money to help fight back against Aids. And we must let Africans benefit from fair trade with us so, in the long term, they can earn their own cash to fight Aids. Despite the horrific statistics this can work. We are at a historic moment when the tragedy can be turned around. Countries in Africa like Senegal and Uganda have stopped the spread of HIV through education. And people living with Aids no longer need to have a death sentence... [33.58% - 25.9kb]

. The Edge-Interview mit Mojo Magazine online
that helps the record? You can use material you started months ago, but as long as you’re re-examining it right at the last it can still sound contemporary? Yes, I think that’s true. Song titles, lyrics, melody lines can change right up until the last minute. I think our records are always… it’s the last few weeks when things really come into focus. It might take us a long time to establish the basis of the record musically, but then a lot of stuff will change. Famously, Chris Blackwood... [33.58% - 37.8kb]

. Bericht und Bilder des Duetts 'The Edge' & 'Wyclef Jea...
go ballistic. "DUBLIN, CAN YOU HEAR ME?" he bellows. The town of Navan CAN probably hear his aural assault as he launches into "No Woman, No Cry", an appropriate choice for the man oft touted as the next Bob Marley. For the first time that evening, the punters relax properly; secure in the knowledge that everything really is going to be all right. He’s many things - producer, rapper, composer, love god - but Wyclef Jean is a showman first and foremost. He plays the audience as well as... [33.58% - 31.9kb]

. U2 Go Home - Live from Slane Castle, Ireland - The Review
the rear speakers you can notice quiet echoes, which are sometimes irritating. The audience is well mixed into the rear-speakers. There is no crystal clear mixing as can be found on DVDs like 'Eagles - Hell Freezes Over ', where each instrument can be heard on a different channel. But maybe it's not comparable, because the Eagles show was a club-gig especially prepared for this, U2 in Slane was an open-air show which was, at the time of recording, not scheduled for a... [33.21% - 38.8kb]

. Beat On The Brat - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
always on your back What can you lose? What can you lose? What can you lose? With a brat like that always on your back What can you do? Beat on the brat Beat on the brat Beat on the brat with a baseball bat Oh yeah, oh yeah, uh-oh Beat on the brat Beat on the brat Beat on the brat with a baseball bat Oh yeah, oh yeah, uh-oh Oh yeah, oh yeah, uh-oh What can you do? What can you do? With a brat like that always on your back What can you do? What can... [31.37% - 15.8kb]

. Hall Of Fame Clip und Berichte
from truly cashing in. You can see my problem. Woe is me. So the next morning, I call up Jon Landau (or as I refer to him, "the American Paul McGuinness"), and I say, "Did you see that iPod thing?" and he says, "Yes." And he says, "And I hear they didn’t take any money." And I said, "They didn’t take any money?" and he says, "No." I said, "Smart, wily Irish guys. Anybody – anybody – can do an ad and take the money. But to do the ad and not take the money... that’s smart. That’s wily." I say,... [30.63% - 45.5kb]

. Paul McGuinness auf der MIDEM
model you are building, you cannot compete with billions of illegal files free on P2P networks. And the research does show that effective enforcement – such as a series of warnings from the ISP to illegal file sharers that would culminate in disconnection of your service – can address the problem. A simple three strikes and you are out enforcement process will see all serial illegal uploaders who resist the law face a stark choice: change or lose your ISP subscription. Fortunately, there... [30.63% - 46.0kb]

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