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1. Bono bei der Clinton Global Initiative
» Bono bei der Clinton Global Initiative 16.09.2005 Bono bei der Clinton Global Initiative Am Donnerstag hat Bono seinen freien Tag genutzt um bei der Clinton Global Initiative , die vom 15. bis zum 17. September in New York stattfindet, vorbeizuschauen. Thema dieses dreitätigen Forums ist die Verringerung der Armut sowie andere wichtige politische Themen wie... [100.00% - 20.8kb]

2. Bono zu Gast bei CNN's Larry King - Transcript
They're men with an urgent global mission and they're aiming to save millions of lives and you can help; Bono, next on LARRY KING LIVE. (END VIDEO CLIP) KING: Good evening and welcome to what we consider a very special edition of LARRY KING LIVE, our special guests, both in New York, are Bono, the acclaimed musician, lead singer for U2, global philanthropist and activist, co-creator of Product RED. It's a groundbreaking initiative designed to bring new money into the global fund and help... [37.76% - 58.4kb]

3. Bono fordert George W. Bush zum Krieg gegen AIDS auf, ...
bilateral aid and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria are saving and transforming lives based on what works: prevention, treatment and care. See Uganda, Senegal, Zambia. Failure to invest now will leave us with a moral deficit and our children with the consequences of a Global security deficit. I recently traveled America's Midwest talking about AIDS. In the heart of America we felt the decency and generosity that springs from the soil. We saw the values that set the... [17.01% - 30.5kb]

4. Bonos Berlin-Rede und Bonos Autogramm
its contribution to the Global Fund at the same time as being harangued by Brussels. Germany needs to do at least same, so does the UK. We're pleading with the Americans to increase their contributions to the Global Health Fund, but on their bilateral AIDS initiative their figures are very impressive. There's a man here tonight, Randall Tobias, who is working all hours to put 150,000 Africans on ARVs by the end of the year. Randall, please help us with this generics problem, it's... [13.69% - 42.6kb]

5. Neue Kolumne von Bono in der NY Times
next year’s summit with a global plan to make them a reality. And we will set our sights on the eradication of extreme poverty in our time.”They’re not my words, they’re your president’s. If they’re not familiar, it’s because they didn’t make many headlines. But for me, these 36 words are why I believe Mr. Obama could well be a force for peace and prosperity — if the words signal action.The millennium goals, for those of you who don’t know, are a persistent nag of a noble, global compact.... [13.69% - 30.1kb]

6. "100% des Gewinnes der (red) Zone Tickets werden gespendet"
von (red) Produkten dem Global Fund zur Verfügung stellt, die sich um die Bekämpfung von Aids, Tuberkolose und Malaria in Afrika kümmern. Man geht von geschätzten EUR 9 Mio aus, die aus diesen Ticketverkäufen zu großen Teilen an Global Fund , sowie weitere Hilfsorganisationen gehen. Rockers U2 will donate an estimated €9m of their summer tour profits to charity, it was revealed last night.U2 to give €9m of tour profits to charity The artists will give away 100pc of their income from... [9.96% - 24.4kb]

7. Grammy Awards 2007 - kein Preis für U2
Noontime South, Reach Global Tunes, WB Music.] Jesus, Take The Wheel Brett James, Hillary Lindsey & Gordie Sampson, songwriters (Carrie Underwood) Track from: Some Hearts [Arista/Arista Nashville/19; Publishers: Dimensional Music of 1091/Sony/ATV Cross Keys Publishing, Raylene Music/BPJ Administration, No Such Music, Passing Stranger Music/1609 Songs/Music of Windswept.] Not Ready To Make Nice Martie Maguire, Natalie Maines, Emily Robison &... [9.96% - 82.5kb]

8. For Love Or Money?
executive director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria, says RED has transformed the charity's prospects of getting money from the private sector. In 2006, the RED program had raised $11.3 million for the fund, says spokeswoman for the Global Fund Rosie Vanek. About $6.25 million was given to Rwanda's Ministry of Health and $5.05 million to the Swaziland government's National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS. ``I've no doubt that within three or four years we... [9.96% - 45.9kb]

9. Studenten folgen Bonos Aufruf
es ein Bewußtsein für die globale Aids-Krise zu schaffen und auch in ihrer Gemeinde mit mehreren Aktionen tätig zu werden. Ähnliches hat sich auch in Indianapolis (Indiana/USA) ereignet. Nach Bonos Besuch wurde dort von einem Lehrer die Afrika-Kampagne 'Indiana for Africa' gegründet. STUDENTS RESPOND TO AIDS ALERT Responding to Bono's call to action when the rock star appeared on campus in December, Wheaton students have formed a local chapter of the Student global AIDS Campaign. Their... [6.64% - 21.8kb]

10. Bono heute in Berlin - Update
statt und wird von der Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS ausgerichtet. Während der Veranstaltung werden Unternehmen geehrt, die sich bei der Bekämpfung von AIDS besonders hervorgetan haben. Der Hauptredner des Abends ist der deutsche Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder . Weitere Gastredner sind der Präsident der Weltbank James Wolfensohn und der Global AIDS Co-ordinator der US-Regierung Randall Tobias. Bono spricht in seiner Rolle als Gründer von D.A.T.A. (Debt AIDS Trade Africa) .... [6.64% - 24.8kb]

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