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Joy: Mick Jagger & Bono
Album "Mick Jagger: Goddess In The Doorway" 2001

Lyrics "Joy": Drucker Version

Oh joy, love you bring
Oh joy, mke my heart my sing

And I drove across the desert
I was in my four wheel drive
I was looking for the Buddha
And I saw the Jesus Christ

He smiled and shrugged his shoulders
And lit a cigarette
Said jump for joy, make some noise
Remember what I said
Oh yeah!

My soul is like a ruby
And I threw it in the earth
But now my hands are bleeding
From scrabbling in the dirt
And I looked up to the heavens
And a light is on my face
I never never never
Thought I'd find a state of grace

Oh joy, love you bring
Oh joy, make my heart my sing
Oh joy, joy in everything

Joy, joy, joy, oh joy
Joy, joy, joy, oh joy

I was drowning in the darkness
As I drove down to the sea

Oh Joy, joy, joy, oh joy

And I looked up to the mountain
And the light
Burst over me
Joy, joy, joy / Yeah, hey
Oh joy / Oh joy ah
You make me sing

Oh joy, the love you bring / Joy, joy, joy
Oh joy / (joy)
You make me sing
Oh joy, in everythang, in everythang, ineverything / Joy, joy, joy, oh joy

In everything / Jump for joy
Jump for joy
Exultai / Jump for joy, yeah

Mmh, jump for joy
Jump for joy
You make me sing / Jump for joy

Love we bring / Oh yeah, oh yeah
In everything / Uh huh
In everything

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