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 Ľ In The Name Of The Father (Bono & Gavin Friday)


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In The Name Of The Father: Bono & Gavin Friday
Soundtrack "In The Name Of The Father" 1993

Lyrics "In The Name Of The Father": Drucker Version

Come to me
Come lie beside me, oh
Donít deny me
Your love

Make sense of me
Come walk through my doorway
Donít hide in the hallway
Oh love

Step over
Iíll follow you down
Iíll follow you down

In the name of whiskey
In the name of song
You didnít look back
You didnít belong

In the name of reason
In the name of hope
In the name of religion
In the name of dope

In the name of freedom
You drifted away
To see the sun shining
On someone elseís day

In the name of United
And the BBC
In the name of Georgie Best
and LSD

In the name of a father
And his wife the spirit
You said you did not
They said you did it

In the name of justice

In the name of fun
In the name of the father
In the name of the son

Call to me
No-one is listening
Iím waiting to hear from you

Stay with me
Itís cold in the ground
But thereís peace in the sound
Of White
And the black
Spilling overÖ

Iíll follow you down

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