U2tour.de Donation Campaigns 2017-2018/19

Since our early days, U2tour.de regularly offers shirts and lanyards for sale whenever U2 are touring. This was, certainly, also the case for the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour 2017 and the 2018 eXPERIENCE+iNNOCENCE Tour. There are two things that are extremely important to us when selling these goods.
  1. We respect the artists' copyrights and thus, neither use the band name nor U2 symbols on our items and
  2. All profits generated will be donated to a good cause and NOT be used for our website.

To keep the donation status as transparent as possible, we intend to give you an overview on everything around our donation campaigns on this page. We will also include information on why we decided to closely cooperate with the Musik Bewegt Stiftung (Music Moves Foundation) and famous German singer Herbert Grönemeyer to support Doctors Without Borders with our campaigns in 2017 and 2018/2019.

Update: After ending our campaigns now, we are very proud that we could raise a total sum of EUR 40,111.90 for Doctors Without Borders with our activities from 2017-2019. Our heartfelt thanks go to everybody involved in our campaigns!

2018/19: 26,600 Euro for Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
Our official campagne side can be found here (click) (in German only)

  • 2x VIP gift e+i books
  • 3x signed "Stealing Hearts at a Travelling Show" books and exclusive drawings by Shaughn McGrath of Amp Visual
  • U2 tour cups from r.Cup
  • 8 guitar- / bass-strings used by The Edge / Adam, donated by r.Cup
  • "U2 & i" book signed by Anton Corbijn and "Photographien" book signed by Anton Corbijn and Herbert Grönemeyer
  • Signed unique artwork by Edel Rodriguez
  • One day of recording at the legendary Windmill Lane Recording Studios Dublin

Our thanks for the generous support of our campaign and wonderful collaboration go to Amp Visual, r.Cup, Anton Corbijn, Herbert Grönemeyer, Edel Rodriguez, Windmill Lane Recording Studios and the Musik Bewegt Stiftung. The total donation sum for 2018/2019 is about EUR 26,600. Via our shirt and lanyard sales, U2tour.de was able to contribute ca. EUR 8,400 of this total sum. The rest was generated by the raffles mentioned above and one very generous anonymous donor.

Representatives of Musik Bewegt and U2tour.de together with Herbert Grönemeyer at the cheque presentation.

2017: 13,500 Euro for Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

In 2017, U2tour.de generated a total of ca. EUR 8,700 through our shirt and lanyard sales of the total sum of ca. EUR 13,500. Before we started the sales campaign, we had thoroughly deliberated which cause we would best and in the safest way donate to. We specifically focused on integrity and the wish that 100 per cent of the sum donated go directly to the cause. We then unanimously decided to cooperate with the non-profit foundation Musik Bewegt (Music Moves) (klick), located in Berlin. And to our utmost joy, the foundation's co-founder Herbert Grönemeyer agreed to take over the "patronage" of our donation campaign.

Why did we choose the Musik Bewegt Stiftung (Music Moves Foundation)?
There are various reasons: first of all, we are a music website from fans for fans and music and the love of music is what connects us worldwide (not only U2 music. Thus, the foundation's concept convinced us as it reflects our way of thinking. Also, the foundation makes sure that 100 per cent of the donation really reach the projects (in our case Doctors Without Borders) - this was particularly important to us.

Why collaborating with famous German singer Herbert Grönemeyer?
First of all, Herbert Grönemeyer has been one of the most important German voices for humanitarian aid. He stands for reputable and reliable projects worldwide and is enormously popular in German-speaking countries! His commitment and dedication, e.g. for Live Aid (Germany), Deine Stimme gegen Armut (Make Poverty History), etc. are exemplary and inspiring. This alone would have been good enough reasons for us to cooperate with him - yet, being a U2 fansite we also would like to see some kind of connection. As a close friend, particularly of Bono, Herbert Grönemeyer also meets that wish.

Why did we decide to donate to Doctors Without Borders?
Doctors Without Borders is an organisation that provides humanitarian medical emergency aid worldwide regardless of political and religious views. If people work in crisis areas worldwide and provide humanitarian aid out of pure humaneness and willingness to help, this must be supported.

You can find our 2017 donation campaigns HIER (German only)< und HIER (German only).<

In addition to the profits from our shirt and lanyard sales (ca. EUR 8,700), we were able to offer a number of raffles which generated another EUR 4,700. Thus, the 2017 total sum donated came up to ca. EUR 13,500!
When starting our donation campaign in spring 2017, we had never expected to be able to raise such a huge sum. And even Bono became aware of our activities and sent us a personal thank-you note in March 2018, thanking us as U2tour.de and thus, all those who had donated!

And here it is - the personal thank-you note from Bono to U2tour.de and also to everybody who had a part in this great success:


Via the Viva Con Agua and Betterplace platforms we raised donations for the "Clean water for the Endo School in Ethiopia" project.
In addition to the profits from our lanyard and shirt sales, we were also able to add 50 cents of every ticket sold for our big U2 party in 2009 (klick - German only).

In December 2010, we transferred another 500 Euro to Amnesty International and 1,000 EUR to Projekt Zara.
Another 160 EUR went to Viva Con Agua (klick).

In addition to that, U2tour.de donated 700 EUR to the Drinkwater Days and thus supported a project, that aims to enable 64 schools in Burundi to access drinking water and sanitary facilities (klick - German only).


U2tour.de DJ Didi performed at Cafe Ostbahn in Linz, Austria for a symbolic entrance fee of 1 EUR. In the end, 390 EUR could be donated to Doctors without Borders (klick).

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