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. Bono zu Gast bei CNN's Larry King - Transcript
traveled over here in the 19th Century and those who were born in the 20th Century, you know, we are mad when we see people getting bullied and, you know, it's just not right. It's not American. I mean that's the cool thing. And we were reading this poll the other day that the number one movie star, Larry, in America today is still John Wayne. He hasn't had a movie in the theaters, as you know, in 40 years. And why is that? You know, people like, Americans like that guy who just goes out... [100.00% - 58.0kb]

. Time is a train - Gewinnspiel zum 20. Geburtstag / Raffle for our 20th birthd...
letter of the answer is the 19th letter of the solution. U2tour.de is live on Instagram, Facebook and which third large social media platform on which we regularly post the latest news and report extensively live, especially during the tours? The platform is also linked to the right on our homepage ?The 6th letter of the answer is the 5th letter of the solution. To access it offline, we offer our travel guides (Berlin and Ireland / Dublin) for download. What is the... [100.00% - 38.1kb]

. Offizielle Presse-Infos zur ZOO TV-DVD & DVD-Cover
G-Mex Centre, Manchester, 19th June 1992) 2. Documentaries: A Fistful of Zoo TV / Zoo TV - The Inside Story / Trabantland 3. Extras: Video Confessional / Numb Karaoke / DVD-Rom / DVD Credits Directed by: David Mallet Produced by: Ned O’Hanlon & Rocky Oldham Executive Producer: Paul McGuinness Quelle: Universal Records Cover: oder ;) Mit Sternchen (*) gekennzeichneten Verweise sind sogenannte Provision-Links (Affiliate-Links). Wenn du über einen solchen Verweisklick... [100.00% - 25.3kb]

. Shutsellafield ... Grüße aus Irland
must be posted on or by the 19th April 2002. They will all be delivered together by An Post on Friday 26th April, which is the 16th Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. The more cards we sell, the more pressure we will put on Tony Blair, Prince Charles and Norman Askew to close Sellafield; the more money we will raise to help the people of Chernobyl. » http://www.shutsellafield.com | 24 Mär 2002 @ 23:39 von Honey | Allgemeine News | Kommentar ? News melden: Webformular Archiv:... [100.00% - 26.5kb]

. Gefunden: Die Plätze zu den Photoshootings von HTDAAB
party of the year. December 19th. We are waiting for you! See ya! http://www.u2portugal.com/ News geschrieben von Didi am 25.11.2004 um 18:17 Uhr | HTDAAB Album | Kommentar ? ... [100.00% - 26.4kb]

. MP3s der 'Today Show'
York in the, I believe, the 19th century. So how do you write a song and--and--and arrange a song that kind of can--can work in that context but still speak today? BONO: I mean, there's a lot of songs stuck in films, a lot of pop songs, rock songs, hip-hop, but it's best when a song grows out of the characters and the story as Edge said. I mean, it is tricky working with Scorsese. He said, you know, 'Could you write a song starts in 1861 and ends in 20 02?' Yeah, sure. LAUER: Yeah. How much... [100.00% - 27.9kb]

. U2 Travel Guide: Alte Nationalgalerie
itself hosts a collection of 19th century paintings and sculptures that is well worth visiting. Adress Bodestraße 1-3, 10178 Berlin Directions Berlinkarte Nr. 4 | Hackescher Markt. From the station follow Neue Promenade toward the river Spree up to the Burgstrasse, and follow Burgstrasse. To the right cross the bridge into Bodestrasse. The photos were taken in the atrium to the right. Links » Infopage » Online Map ... [75.00% - 14.5kb]

. U2 Travel Guide: Lansdowne Road - Aviva Stadium
was built in the early 19th century. It hosted its first international rugby match in 1878 and therefore it is now the world's oldest international stadium. When it was closed in 2007, Lansdowne Road held ca. 50,000 spectators with 25,000 seats. It regularly hosted international matches of the Irish National Football Team and the Irish Rugby Football Union. The legendary World Cup Qualifier on 1 September 2001, that was broadcast on the screens at Slane Castle, also took place at... [75.00% - 14.9kb]

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