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. Mai 2020 - / - Seite 1
DANKE! "60 songs that saved my life" 10. Mai Bono zum 60. 10. Mai Geburtstagsbrief an Bono 10. Mai Bono im Interview mit dem Radiosender RTÈ Radio 1 01. Mai U-2 - Hey now, Do you know (about) my name? ... [100.00% - 16.9kb]

. Neil McCormick bloggt über No Line On The Horizon
there who find The Man Who Saved The World (as he is known to close friends such as the Pope) (only kidding) a pompous, egotistic, over-bearing, messianic megalomaniac (I think that about covers it), and furthermore consider U2 to be overblown, over-rated stadium rockists with nary a hint of nuance or subtlety. Some of you read this blog and leave derogatory messages every time I mention Bono's name. Well, get over it. Yes, I like U2. Yes, I went to school with them and was a fan from before... [100.00% - 25.4kb]

. Hall Of Fame Clip und Berichte
noise. This was punk and it saved my ass. We needed someone to get us gigs and to pay for demos. We met Paul McGuinness and he became our manager. Next we needed a record deal. We were turned down by many people until Nick Stewart offered us a deal at Island Records. This was the start of a long relationship with Island. Many people along the way helped us develop and grow. We made three records with Steve Lillywhite, came to America where Frank Barsalona and Barbara Skydel were our U.S.... [100.00% - 45.5kb]

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