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. Juni 2015 - / - Seite 1
07. Jun Red Rocks revisited: 1. Konzert in Denver 04. Jun A Volcano of Ordinary Love in Los Angeles 01. Jun #4 in Los Angeles: All I Want Is You ... [100.00% - 17.2kb]

. From 'Uncool' Beginnings To Superstardom
first album, "Boy," when he revisited it a few years ago while putting together material for the U2 compilation "The Best of 1980- 1990." (A companion set, "The Best of 1990- 2000," was released in November.) "None of us is a virtuoso," Mullen said. "There's no chance we would ever become session musicians. We find it difficult to play with other people [or] to play other people's songs, because we're so tuned in to each other. "There's no doubt when the four of us get into a room, something... [100.00% - 38.9kb]

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