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. U2 - Songs Of Innocence - Review
me a man / Machine". 06 Volcano – Andy "After grief comes rage ... the molten lava that turns to rock if it can". Beim Lesen der Liner Notes wird einem schnell bewusst, warum Volcano auf Iris (Hold Me Close) in der Playlist folgt (es wäre wohl auch nicht verwunderlich, wenn die Reihenfolge bei der kommenden Tour eingehalten wird). Es geht direkt zügig zur Sache: Larry weckt einmal den Zuhörer auf und der wummernde Clayton-Bass aus Iris geht hier noch angezerrter weiter. Wir sind schon... [18.08% - 44.3kb]

. You're The Best Thing About Me - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
Why am I walking away? I can see it all so clearly I can see what you can't see I can see you love her loudly When she needs you quietly You're the best thing about me The best things are easy to destroy You're the best thing about me Why am I... Why am I walking away? Why am I walking away? Alle Songs mit diesem Icon können mit dem RealPlayer (Infos+Download) angespielt werden. Die Hörproben werden mit freundlicher Genehmigung zur Verfügung gestellt von... [18.08% - 17.1kb]

. 20 Jahre U2tour.de / 20 years U2tour.de (news also in English)
thank-you message. You can find an overview of our donation campaigns (incl. Bono's message) here (click). For his 60th birthday in 2020 Bono published some thank-you letters to close friends. U2tour.de took up this idea and started an appeal to the fans to write thank-you fanletters to U2 and why U2 has influenced their lives. In the end, we received over 140 letters , which you can read here (click). We are currently in the process of preparing the letters to print a book to be... [18.08% - 46.8kb]

. Vertigo - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
The jungle is your head Can’t rule your heart A feeling is so much stronger than A thought Your eyes are wide And though your soul It Can’t be bought Your mind Can wander Hello hello I’m at a place called Vertigo It’s everything I wish I didn’t know Except you give me something I Can feel, feel The night is full of holes As bullets rip the sky Of ink with gold They twinkle as the Boys play rock and roll They know they Can’t dance At least they know…. I Can’t stand... [18.08% - 20.3kb]

. Tomorrow - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
Will you be back tomorrow? Can I sleep tonight? Who broke the window Who broke down the door? Who tore the curtain And who was it for? Who heals the wounds Who heals the scars? Open the door, open the door. Won't you come back tomorrow? Won't you be back tomorrow? Will you be back tomorrow? Can I sleep tonight? 'Cause I want you I, I want you I really want you. I, I want, I, I Want you to be back tomorrow I want you to be back tomorrow. Will you be back tomorrow? Can... [18.08% - 16.9kb]

. U2 360° At The Rose Bowl = DVD = Blu-ray = Review
right equipment at home you can indeed bring U2 into your living room, with nearly perfect gig atmosphere. And, while the most has been made of audio technology, it is good to see that it hasn't been used to polish the experience too much - Bono's voice can be heard to break at times, and Edge's vocals are crystal clear in the background. Following o the YouTube broadcast, the recording has been re-edited, though of course many camera angles and changes remain the same. That said,... [18.08% - 56.9kb]

. Songs die einen tief berühren/Instinkt treibt U2
you make me crawl / And I can't be holding on / To what you got / When all you got is hurt." 3. "Bad" 1984. Its themes may be dark, but U2 refuses to surrender to pessimism or despair. That's why this sober tale about heroin addiction also serves as a warm rallying cry. 4. "Running to Stand Still" 1987. Not only do the words capture the way drugs can disorient people so that they feel they are running while remaining motionless, but the stark, funereal tone of the music is a perfect... [18.08% - 22.6kb]

. Interview mit Adam Clayton
much, but collectively we can actually make a difference. We have managed to hold on to that view. Each record is like starting over again. We go in the studio and scratch our heads and go, `can anybody remember how we did this the last time?' It's just horrible. And then eventually we get a clue and some magic happens. Suddenly we're back on course and creating stuff that actually sounds like music. Herald: After all these years you still have to wait for the magic? Don't you have a... [18.08% - 24.3kb]

. U2.com-Member Presale für Australien und Neuseeland, ...
Zealand. 3. How many tickets can I buy? Your unique code will enable you to buy up to FOUR tickets for any ONE SHOW. You cannot buy tickets for more than one show. Bookings that exceed this Ticket Limit may be cancelled without further notification. 4. When do presales open and when do they close? Presales will open on Tuesday, November 29th at 12noon (12PM Melbourne/Sydney Time Zone) and close Thursday, December 1st 12noon (12PM Melbourne/Sydney Time Zone). Once the presale is open, you will... [18.08% - 31.7kb]

. Neues U2 Album rückt immer näher
and make as few notes as I can get away with...create as big an effect as I can, to really explore what guitar could be, and really push the boundaries of what guitar in a rock 'n' roll band can sound like." , so Edge gegenüber Launch.com. In unserem Album-Special haben wir für euch weitere Zitate, sowie alle wichtigen Fakten zum neuen U2 Album (noch unbetitelt) zusammengefasst, und hoffen damit das Warten etwas zu überbrücken! U2 Planning To Release New Album In 2004 (4/25/03, 4... [18.08% - 22.9kb]

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