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. U2.com auf "Kundenfang" // U2 Communication,...
performances. Subscribers can keep in touch with other fans via their own U2.com email address and access to the Zootopia boards and regular subscriber emails. There will not be any ticket guarantees as part of the re-subscription package. As we have stated before, the U2.com ticket pre sale for Vertigo 2005 was not what we wanted it to be, and once again we can only apologise for the inconvenience and distress that we know this caused. We continue to look for fair ways in which we can... [8.86% - 28.3kb]

. Generalprobe für U2 - 'Walk On' bei den Grammys, U2 Ve...
four-piece guitar band can still command some GRAMMY attention. Of course, when that little guitar band happens to be U2, attention is not so hard to come by. …..The band made an outstanding showing at last year's awards, racking up wins for Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year and Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal. They could take home even more statues this year, as work off their All That You can't Leave Behind album have scored them an impressive eight more GRAMMY... [8.86% - 25.8kb]

. Neue Kolumne von Bono in der NY Times
made. Like the Nobel, this can be written off as meaningless ... a measure of Mr. Obama’s celebrity (and we know what people think of celebrities).But an America that’s tired of being the world’s policeman, and is too pinched to be the world’s philanthropist, could still be the world’s partner. And you can’t do that without being, well, loved. Here come the letters to the editor, but let me just say it: Americans are like singers — we just a little bit, kind of like to be loved. The British... [8.86% - 27.7kb]

. Verlosung/Raffle: Originale von/by Amp Visual
at its end. More pictures can be found here (click). For those who missed the pre-ordering we’ve produced a few more and they can be bought here (click) via eBay for just 3.50 € + postage. If the lanyards seems to be sold out please try again a few hours later. We’ll add new lanyards as stock lasts! All profits will be (as in the past years) donated to a charity organizations such as Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)! Follow us on Twitter , Instagram and... [8.86% - 36.2kb]

. U2 live im Phoenix Park 2004 ?
summer, The Irish Mirror can reveal. The Dublin super group will stage the record-breaking shows in August as part of a huge tour. Madonna was originally approached to perform but said she had no plans to tour next year. So U2 have stepped in and vowed to stage the biggest show ever in Ireland. A source close to the group said yesterday: "They will perform two nights at Phoenix Park in front of 100,000 fans on each occasion. "It's going to be the biggest music event of its kind ever... [8.86% - 23.6kb]

. Stressbewältigung mit 'Beautiful Day'
shows that driving can be one of the main sources of tension in life. Health experts BUPA advise listening to music or as a method of reducing tension for motorists. More than 56 per cent of drivers will get lost at least once during summer trips and arguing children can turn the simplest outings into journeys from hell. More than 61 per cent of drivers will argue with their partners as tempers fray. “We’ve all been there and it is not one of life’s richest experiences,” adds... [8.86% - 23.6kb]

. Interview mit U2s Stage Manager "Rocko Reedy"
it's been an experience he can fully enjoy -- without the additional "benefit" of recreational substances. "I don't drink and I don't do drugs anymore. Ever since I worked the 1989 Pump tour with Aerosmith, I cleaned up, and I've been sober ever since. "I have zero tolerance with the working crew. We're dealing with immense amounts of equipment here. The days of T-shirt-and-jeans wearing guys drinking beers whenever they can backstage are over. It's been a quantum leap in terms of... [8.86% - 26.9kb]

. MusiCares - Behind The Scenes
echo with guitars and how it can create a rhythmic element that can provide the foundation for a song. After the rehearsal one of U2's crew remarked to he and I that we were "separated at birth". How wonderful to share the stage with both he and Bono. Bono was often passionately demonstrative in rehearsal responding to something that he liked. He would turn around to me and point or smile, or just come over and listen, then mouth with an emotive, slightly bemused look, "Wow!" He and Edge... [8.86% - 35.3kb]

. U2 spielen ganz vorn in der Premierleague
songs such as Beautiful Day can help create a positive frame of mind also have a physiological effect by inducing a sense of euphoria by activating the brain's dopamine system. The release of adrenaline prior to a match has the additional effect of raising heart rate helping prepare the body before a game." Zur Spieler-Kabinen Top 10: Barclaycard Premiership dressing room Top 10: 1. Eminem - 8 Mile 2. U2- The Best of 1990-2000 3. Nelly - Nellyville 4. Oasis - Heathen Chemistry 5. Red... [8.86% - 22.0kb]

. U2 History 2006 - Bandgeschichte
auf, die den Song "Yes We Can Can" spielt. 12. Februar 2006 In Monterrey/Mexico starten U2 den vierten Part ihrer VERTIGO Tour, der sie durch Mittel- und Südamerika bis Australien, Neuseeland und Japan führen wird. März 2006 Nach dem letzten Südamerika Gig in Buenos Aires am 02.03. muss die Band die Tour unterbrechen, da Edges Tochter Sian erkrankt ist. Außerdem erscheint ein Beitrag von Bono im Bildband MARLEY LEGEND, der die Reggae Legende BOB MARLEY ehren soll. 29.... [8.86% - 22.8kb]

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