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1. Top 50 collectibles of U2
irisch-englische 'Record Collector Magazine' in seiner September-Ausgabe U2 einen Beitrag widmen und dabei 'die 50 wichtigsten Sammlerstücke' von U2 (mit Fotos) vorstellen. Wir sind gespannt! Darüber hinaus wird es einen Artikel von Chas de Whalley über die ersten Studioerlebnisse mit U2 geben. De Whalley war bekanntlich Produzent für U2's erste Single: Three (1979 / noch bei CBS Records). Das 'Record Collector Magazine' ist vornehmlich in England und Irland erhältlich, teilweise... [100.00% - 20.8kb]

2. DVD U2 - Zoo TV Live From Sydney
be familiar to the avid U2 collector, as most of it has been shown on TV or a video somewhere already, and many fans will have collected more ‘bonus’ material from the ZooTV Tour than is available here. Still, let’s be happy that some of this material is finally available in good quality, and official, so that we no longer have to return to our old video tapes. An added bonus is that the ‘Interference’ history is now also available on DVD – though one has to ask why it has been made to... [50.00% - 64.5kb]

3. Der "Steinzeit Deal" - oder - wie es zum Cover von NLOTH kam - U2to...
during a visit with an art collector in France about four years ago."I was taken by private jet to this beautiful villa in Nice," he explained. "When we got there, this guy, rather short — OK, my size — was welcoming me. I thought, 'He looks familiar.' " Although not impartial to rock music, Sugimoto wasn't really familiar with U2's work. "I was part of the Beatles generation," he said. "I still have Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side of the Moon' playing in my car!"Bono confessed that he loved... [50.00% - 26.9kb]

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