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. Dublin - U2 Travelguide
as Kilmainham Gaol . Apart from U2 sights there is of course much more to see and do in Dublin. No one should miss shopping around O'Connell Street , going out in the evening in Temple Bar , a visit to Bow Street (Jameson Whiskey Distillery ), or a visit to the Guinness Hopstore . We recommend the travel guide 'Vis a vis Dublin ' by DK Eyewitness Travel Guides as well as the pop-out map by Mapgroup for the inner city area (both available in Dublin’s book stores and tourist... [100.00% - 19.2kb]

. U2 Travelguide: Lansdowne Road - Aviva Stadium
used for concert events. Apart from U2, other bands as e.g. R.E.M., The Eagles, Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Corrs performed here. As part of their Popmart-Tour, U2 performed two shows at Lansdowne Road on 30 and 31 August 1997. In early 2007, Lansdowne Road Stadium was closed and demolished. On the 14th of May 2010 the fully new Aviva Stadium was opened. The new fully-seated stadium will hold 50,000 spectators (for comparison - prior to demolition: 49,250 spectators for... [75.44% - 14.9kb]

. U2 Buch: From The Ground Up - Ralph Larmann, Dylan Jones
It is striking that, apart from the titles, the last show in Moncton is not mentioned once. Instead, the two shows in Montreal are emphasized as the important last big shot before hitting the seven remaining cities. As a result, one could think that the tour wrapped in Montreal, thus, it somewhat feels as if the final part of the story was missing. The photographs, of course, are an integral part of the work. These alone would justify acquiring this book. Often, Ralph Lahrmanns’ and... [42.11% - 26.0kb]

. U2 Travelguide: The National Wax Museum Plus
well visitors to the island. Apart from the Dungeon and the Children’s Section there is a ‘Hall of Megastars' that of course includes U2. Do not expect too much, though, as the whole museum seems a little run down. And the sunglasses that Bono is wearing was hopefully never part of his outfit! Yet it is still worth a visit during bad weather. Entrance is € 12.- for adult, €10.- for students and € 8.- for kids. Adress The National Wax Museum Plus, 4 Foster Place, Temple Bar,... [31.58% - 14.0kb]

. Interview with Ralph Larmann
emotionally deeply touched, apart from standing on stage with the band at Wembley in front of a crowd of 90,000 in order to take these roundshot pictures, I will never forget the moment during the Vertigo tour at Berlin's Olympic Stadium when they started to play Where the Streets Have no Name and 70,000 in the stadium started to tremble. This is…this is simply …really, really touching, this is really hard to top. A band cannot unleash more energy in an audience. And also for me, this... [28.07% - 52.3kb]

. She's A Mystery To Me - U2 Songtexte - Lyrics - U2 Discographie
my heart Words tearing me apart She tears again my bleeding heart I want to run, she's pulling me apart Fallen angel cries Then I just melt away She's a mystery girl She's a mystery girl She's a mystery girl She's a mystery girl She's a mystery girl Haunted by her side It's a darkness in her eyes That so enslaves me And if my love is blind Then I don't want to see She's a mystery to me Night falls, I'm cast beneath her spell Daylight comes, our heaven turns to hell ... [24.56% - 16.9kb]

. U2 Go Home - Live from Slane Castle, Ireland - The Review
both booklets are the same apart from the format of course. Just the pictures on the first page of the inlay are different. Some of the pictures are video screenshots in low quality, the already well-known press-picture (Link ) is loacted at the centre. The Content The DVD contains the entire slane castle concert from September 1st . ' Mysterious Ways ' is not part of the concert, but listed as a 'bonus track'. The reasons for this are still unknown. The... [17.54% - 38.8kb]

. U2 Konzert: 28.11.2005, Montréal - Centre Bell
zusammen 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'. ... [14.04% - 21.6kb]

. LIVE: U2 in Melbourne I / One Tree Hill im Soundcheck
You / Love Will Tear Us Apart (Das Mädel bleibt auch für WOWY auf der Bühne) The Saints Are Coming Desire Kite Anmerkungen von Fantie: Laut Fantie ist heute ein sehr heißer Tag. Die Hitze macht den wartenden Fans mehr zu schaffen als der perfekte organisierte Einlaß. Rund um die Venue, die als die schönste der australischen Vertigo-Tour-Locations beschrieben wird, werden die Wartenden in einzelne Wartezonen unterteilt. Gegen 15:47 Uhr beginnt der Soundcheck und es sind u.a. One Tree... [14.04% - 22.8kb]

. U2 History 2005 - Bandgeschichte
Klassiker "Love Will Tear Us Apart". Ende November 2005 Während Bono, u.a. gemeinsam mit JOE COCKER, für das von den BEATLES inspirierte Filmmusical ACROSS THE UNIVERSE vor der Kamera steht, reist Edge nach New Orleans um mit seiner MUSIC RISING Kampagne Geld für die durch den Hurrikan Kathrina geschädigten Künstler der Musikmetropole zu sammeln. 06. Dezember 2005 Im Internetportal iTunes wird der Track "Don`t Give Up (Africa)", im Original gesungen von Peter Gabriel, und nun neu... [14.04% - 24.1kb]

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